Chinese New Year Celebrations All Around The Globe

The Lunar New Year, more commonly known as Chinese New Year, is an event celebrated even by millions of Non-Chinese people around the world.  Regardless of race, this occasion has been a unifying tool for many people in various countries, especially where a Chinese community is present.

Celebrating this occasion has a universal commonality that people observe.  Nonetheless, here are some interesting facts that you might not know regarding Chinese New Year celebrations around the globe.

Chinese New Year in the USA

Having more than 50 states, America has various ways of partaking in the Chinese New Year celebration since the Chinese community comprises 20% of the total Asian population in the US.  For one, the event is not a federal public holiday in America.  But Chinese businesses are expected to be closed on this day as observance of the occasion. Some publications, such as newspapers and magazines, also list down the top 10 Chinese restaurants in the vicinity as support for the Lunar New Year celebration.


 Chinese New Year in Vietnam

The Vietnamese has Tet Nguyen Dan as their version of the Chinese New Year.  Tet Nguyen Dan means, “The first morning of the first day” and is considered an all-in-one festival. This celebration integrates Western Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and Halloween.  In addition, Vietnam has incorporated their own touch into the Chinese New Year celebration.  Distinct rituals native to the region which harmonize the union of nature, human, and culture are also prevalent in Tet Nguyen Dan.


Chinese New Year in the Philippines

In a country where Chinese influence can be traced back since pre-historic times, the Philippines deeply recognizes Chinese beliefs and traditions.  Thus, it is expected that Chinese New Year is strictly observed across the archipelago.  The majority of Chinese-Filipinos are of Hokkien descent.  And just like other Chinese New Year celebration, the festivity is welcomed with dragon dance parades, fireworks and firecrackers, drum-beating, and playing of cymbals, among others.  But some Chinese families in the Philippines prefer a more quiet observance by visiting a temple to pray and meditate.


Chinese New Year in Singapore

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated occasions in Singapore.  This is a regular holiday which brings families together on the eve of the Chinese New Year.  One unique event that could be observed in Singapore for the Chinese New Year is the Chingay Parade.  It highlights Singapore’s multicultural features – Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians – at its finest in just one event.  This is usually held during Chinese New Year at the Formula One Pit Building by the Marina Bay Waterfront.


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