6. Sleep Tight with Miniature Mushroom Lights6

“Mushroom energy-efficient lights light up while you’re in bed”


Energy-efficient miniature mushroom lights are the best companions to have if you’d like to get a good night’s sleep, too. Tone down the lights’ brightness levels to ease your consciousness and mind when you go to bed at night.

7. Leaf Post-It Look Alikes7

“A leafy reminder or message for you.”


Post leaf post-it look Alikes or sticky notes reminders and messages on your condo’s countertop or refrigerator. Remind yourself of the important tasks and errands that need to be accomplished, the green-friendly way.

8. Plant and Aquarium in One


“A two-in-one plant and aquarium.”


Let your fish live in an eco-friendly habitat. A plant and aquarium in one perks up the ambiance of your condo’s living room and your entire family’s health in general.

9. Leaf Bookmarkers at Your Condo’s Mini Library9

“An eco-friendly bookmark for your reading pleasure.”


Let nature dominate your condo’s mini library even in little ways. Use leaf bookmarkers to mark the pages of the books where you left off.

10. Your Condo’s Grass Covered Floors



“Environmentally-friendly grass covered condo floors.”



Cover your condo’s floors with grass to permeate healthy indoor air all over your condo. Many people frequently spend their time in their bedrooms and living rooms. Therefore, you’re doing the right thing when you cover the floors of your bedrooms and living room with grass. Don’t forget to water your grass on a daily basis, though.


Earth-Friendly Interior Designs at Your Tre Residences CondoTre Residences 4th Storey

“Earth-friendly interior designs that match at Tre Residences”

Match your furnished world-class appliances at Tre Residences with these sustainable interior designs. The Aljunied-Geylang East upcoming condo property’s developer will be furnishing residents with ready-to-use appliances before they (residents) even move in. Live a healthy lifestyle at Tre by creatively partnering your furnished appliances with sustainability at their best.



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