Fun Sports and Fitness Activities in Sims Drive

Singapore Sports Hub is Sims Drive’s prime destination for everything fit and athletic. These sports activities are just what you need to be at your healthiest, every day in this side of Asia.

Canoeing and Kayaking

The Sports’ Hub’s Water Sports Centre openly rents out canoes and kayaks for public consumption. You and your family, friends and other loved ones can engage in water sports activities here to your hearts’ content. Get sporty and fab at the heart of the national sports arena in Singapore, even for pleasure.

Lap Swim in the OCBC Aquatic Centre

Lap swim in Singapore Sports Hub’s aquatic centre to get vigorous water exercise. Invest efforts in maximising good health privileges available near Sims Drive. The sports hub’s lap pool is available for public use in selected schedules. Other venues in Sims Drive Where Physical Mobility Abounds:

Bicycling along Geylang Park Connector

Bicycle along Geylang Park Connector without hassle. The ramped up road along this park connector makes bicycling easy for many people. Go on a daily bike ride here and see yourself lose some weight in real time!

Jogging in East Coast Park

Jogging sessions in East Coast Park are sufficient to get daily doses of physical activities. Jog a few miles in East Coast to make up for the lost exercise you need to stay healthy. You’ll start feeling refreshed and strong after making it a habit to go jogging in this park over time.
Sims Drive is the place to be for people who value good health for better lives. Turn your life around for the better, as you get physically active in Geylang’s neighbouring area.

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