Get into the Holiday Spirit Wherever You are in the World

In just a few days’ time, Christmas is going to take world by storm for 2014. Holiday carols and gift giving are around just about everywhere. Attending church services to honour Jesus Christ’s birth is an annual tradition practiced by devoted Christians during the Yuletide season.

In Asia, Singapore, for one, is up in full swing, celebrating the holiday season for 2014. The yearly “Christmas on a Great Street” holiday light up event in Orchard Road showcases bright merriment in honour of the most anticipated holiday of the year. This event kicked off on Nov. 15, 2014, and lasts through January 1, 2015. Spectators are going to witness Orchard Road light up every 6:30 in the evening for over a month as the year ends.

Kids and adults alike will marvel at the sights of the colourful lights that add life and energy along Singapore’s prestigious prime shopping complex. These lights do wonders in cheering up every onlooker and passerby along Orchard Road. Everything happy and joyful is abundant, only at Singapore’s legendary entertainment district.

Best New Condo features images of elegant residential properties in style in Singapore. Take your pick among these featured homes that’ll surely complete your family’s festive mood this Yuletide season.

Wherever you are in the world, there are multiple ways to celebrate the holiday season. Proudly showcase your national culture and heritage when it comes to celebrating Christmas the world over. There’s no better time to feel national pride at its best before the year ends.

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