Geylang Rezoning – Lorongs 4 to 22

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) made an announcement on Tuesday that some of the areas in the Geylang precinct will be reclassified from ‘Residential/Institution’ zones to become ‘Commercial/Institution’ zones. This is to have a better control of the problems resulting from conflicting uses.

The areas affected in the Geylang rezoning include Lorong 22 Geylang, Geylang Road, Lorong 4 and Guillemard Road but will exclude the roads and a sports field flanked by Lorong 12 Geylang and Talma Road.

Geylang Rezoning Map

The URA has invited members of the public to give in writing their feedback, representation and objection to the proposed Geylang rezoning to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Development (MND) at 5 Maxwell Road, District Code 069110 on or before February 11, 2015.

The Master Plan (a certified true copy) with the proposed rezoning changes can be inspected at The URA Centre Atrium during office hours between January 13, 2015 and February 11, 2015.

In the event that there are no public objections, the proposed changes ie. the rezoning, will be combined into the Master Plan.

Geylang StreetThe reclassification of Lorongs 4 to 22 from Residential/Institution to Commercial/Institution by the URA could be in part due to the sleazy red-light activities and the kind of people the Geylang area attracts.

The Geylang precinct is very unique and interesting. It consists of various different mix uses which include eateries, apartment status residential projects, small offices and boutique budget hotels; and these are housed in shophouses and low-rise buildings.

While there is character and uniqueness with these varied uses along the 700-metre stretch within Lorong 4 and 22, conflict may certainly arise amongst the different uses. This is because the small offices, trading businesses and eateries operate in the day, while bars and coffee shops operate into the wee hours of the morning, thus creating inconveniences and disturbances to the residents on a 24/7.

Approximately 400 new residential homes have already been launched in the Geylang area since year 2010. Of this, an approximate figure of 100 units have already been completed. With 300 more houses to be ready in the next few years, there will also be more residents.

Certain landlords have also been accepting many tenants and cramming them into their units in order to maximize the rental of their properties. If the Geylang rezoning were not to happen, the increase in the number of residents in the area makes it a potential place for conflict and possible disorder.

If the proposed Geylang rezoning takes place, more commercial spaces will be available to build budget offices so as to enable SMEs who are looking to operate near the CBD set up shop there.

With the potential Geylang rezoning, one can expect a transformation of the Geylang area from a place of notoriety to one replaced by mainstream businesses.

(Adapted from the Straits Times and Property Guru dated 13 Jan 2015)

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