Grungy Geylang Is Seeing New Faces

In the past year, an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs have been breathing new life into grungy Geylang. Said to be drawn in by the neighbourhood’s ‘edginess’, affordable rents and its accessibility, the   newcomers are certainly here to stay for a while.   In the past year, 10 businesses ranging from start-up cafes, creative design firms to co-working spaces have sprung up in the area. Tapping onto the expanding residential growth of the district, businesses have even started reappearing at places such as Cassia Crescent and the old badminton court in Guillermard Road.

Grungy Geylang Is Seeing New Faces: New Condominiums Changing Scene of Geylang

New residential developments which include freehold condominiums in Geylang such as Prime Residence in Lorong 22 Geylang and Rezi 26 in Lorong 26 Geylang are also expected to be completed by this year end and sometime next year respectively. According to Director of real estate company PropertyBank, Ms Edith Tay, the new condos in Geylang will boost living population there and will act as a pull factor that is enticing enough for businesses such as cafes to start up there.

Grungy Geylang Is Seeing New Faces: New Concept Shops Make Appearance

Opportunists like Ms Ashly Lou, owner of Yoga Inc; a hot yoga studio opened at 100 Guillermard   Road last December, expressed her relief that her business is doing well thanks to the residential   development in the district with a touch of good luck. Customers are streaming in from the HDB flats nearby and apartments around Geylang.

grungy geylang yoga inc welcome mat grungy geylang yogo inc prenatal class

Although some residents express their distaste for Geylang to be ‘messy and dirty’, it appears that younger crowds are still streaming into the neighbourhood. Young families and foreigners such as Koreans and Caucasians have also taken interest in the area.

Despite the ‘rough edges’ of Geylang, owner of Mettle Work, Mr Daniel Tay appreciates the novelty   idea. He believes the spirit and culture of people worth a second look and some appreciation. Mettle Work is a 12,000 sq ft co-working space on the second floor of an industrial building along Lorong 17 Geylang which aims to attract creative architects and designers to utilize its equipment such as power tools, drills and wielding machine.

grungy geylang mettle work

Other companies such as an online film platform called has also recently joined the alternative group of entrepreneurs along Lorong 24A, sharing space with another co-working office called 13.

grungy geylang viddsee

Most of the edgy shops such as cake shop Maple and Market, and cafes The Hideout and Brawn & Brains are currently found on the fringes of Geylang like in Cassia Crescent. These new concept and edgy shops together with the new Geylang condos are helping to reshape the faces of Geylang in District 14. Very much a refreshing and anticipating change to expect in the ensuing months.

the hideout cafe

brawn and brains cafe

the hideout cafe maple and market


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