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1) About Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link

 Development Name:  Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link
 Property Type:  Business-2 (Food only)
 Address:  5 Mandai Link
 District:  26
 Tenure:  30 years
 Est. TOP:  TBA
 No. of Floors:  11
 No. of Units:  87 + 1 staff canteen
 Developer:  Lian Beng Group Ltd
 Land Area:  6,891.2 sqm / 74,177 sqft

On July 12, 2013, JTC Corporation (JTC) awarded a successfully tendered site at Mandai Link to Lian Beng Group Ltd. This site, Mandai FoodLink, is zoned specifically for Business 2 (Food only) development. It has a 30-year tenure with a gross plot ratio of 2.5.There will be 8 units on each level.

Mandai FoodLink is an 11-storey high building with ramp up driveway of 11m wide. There is a total of 66 car park lots and 99 lorry lots in this food factory. Sizes range from 1851sqft to 4026sqft. Units come with high ceilings of 7m in height and a mezzanine level is provided for the purpose of anxiliary office which can be considered in your 40% allocation and the balance of 60% will have to be set aside for production process.

Are you currently paying high rent for your food factory?
Are you still on the queue list waiting for the next available unit for lease?
Cannot buy your food factory not because you do not want to but due to limited choice to buy?
We have the just the right product for you – either you are a would-be owner or business investor, you won’t want to miss Mandai FoodLink. It is really ultra rare and limited in supply in the whole of Singapore!

Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Real Urgent Need for Available Food Factories

With Singapore being a food haven, there is really a pent-up demand to improve on quality and optimal shelf life and to delve in Research & Development for our food products to ensure the freshest and the best of quality comes to everyone. To do all these, companies are always on the prowl in search of available food factories to locate their central kitchen and R&D facilities to have a controlled environment for quality and improvement. However, a search in the whole of Singapore, majority of the food factories are owned by HDB and JTC; while only a minority is privately owned. With this point in mind, investors absolutely have to seize this opportunity to secure multiple units at one go and then rent or sell them to end-users. There will always be takers for your units.

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Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Extensive Transportation Network

Mandai FoodLink is strategically located off Woodlands Road which is near the Woodlands CIQ. What this means is that it is ultra convenient for the transportation of food products across Malaysia, if need be. If the distribution is within Singapore, then Mandai FoodLink is easily accessible to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), Seletar Expressway (SLE), Tampines Expressway (TPE)  and Kranji Expressway (KJE). This ensures that the food manufacturers distribute the food products to their outlets and other merchants on time or else perishables will become stale in no time.

Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Quick Facts on hawker stalls in Singapore

Everywhere you go, there are always shops and stalls selling a variety of food to cater to the masses. In the 1950s and 1960s, a lot of hawker centres sprang up in Singapore because of the fast pace of urbanisation. These hawker centres came about because the government envisaged that the problem of unhygienic food preparation by unlicensed hawkers in the streets may persist if nothing was done about it.

There was also a lot of opportunists who did food preparation at home and then sold them in bulk to office and factory workers at meal times after collating orders from them. These small-time business enthusiasts were not licensed to sell food at all. But all these have changed for the better when the authorities implemented licensing requirements where a certain hygiene standard has to be adhered to before a food business can be allowed to operate. Well, that’s a relief really. Can you imagine the standard of food you will be eating now if not for the licensing measures put in place?

Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Conceptualisation of Central Kitchen

mandai foodlink central kitchen 3mandai foodlink central kitchen 2In recent years, F&B operators have been very concerned with rising operating costs and retail rents. In addition to that, there are also concerns with the control in food consistency and manufacturing. With this in mind, CHAIN restaurants in particular are relying a lot on central kitchens now to increase their productivity and at the same time, lower costs. Chain restaurant operators like Sakae Sushi, Crystal Jade, Jack’s Place and TungLok Group own industrial-sized central kitchens outside of the city to do bulk purchases of food ingredients as well as other related kitchen works like bakery, butchery and other preparatory work. The food processed in these central kitchens are then distributed to the outlets to the F&B outlets to be cooked and served to patrons. Here, one can witness the huge cost savings in making bulk purchases and quality food control is also present. There is also not a need for F&B owners to employ food preparation staff for every single of their restaurant outlet. Thus, this leads to another cost saving in terms of labour overheads.

Besides, as a kitchen takes up about one third of the floor space of a restaurant, having a central kitchen at one location can really free up a lot more floor space for restaurant patrons.

Basically, the trend towards having central kitchens is primarily driven by concerns with costs. This is because retail spaces are getting smaller in shopping malls and rentals are rising.

Hence, we know for a fact that the relocation of certain work processes to industrial places in Singapore is highly a cost-savings driven factor.

  • Rents can be substantially lower in these suburban areas so overall operating costs are lowered too.
  • In the process of reducing costs, the F&B providers gain from streamlining and standardising their food preparation processes and facilities. Quality control in the consistency of the food is better.
  • Further, food specialists can also be hired for each process and maintain a high standard on the quality of their food. R&D can be carried out by food technologists and executive chefs at the central kitchens.
  • Larger machineries and equipment can also be installed at the centralised kitchens for bulk preparation to increase productivity which would otherwise not have been possible at individual restaurant outlets. Automation ensures speed of preparation and handling of larger scale of work.
  • Logistic supply chain management is enhanced.
  • Food safety measures are ensured since quality control is centralised.

2) Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Unit Types & Sizes

Unit Description:


Size (Sqft):



1851 to 4026sqft


3) Mandai FoodLink @ Mandai Link: Facilities



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