Practical Headache-Free Housecleaning Tips for the Holidays

The joys and cheers of the holiday season are not 100% free. After hosting Christmas parties and overnight stays for the Yuletide season, don’t be surprised to find yourself facing challenging housecleaning tasks afterwards. Scheduling your cleaning tasks ahead of time everyday relieves you of the headaches in getting things organised in the long run. Not to forget, though, that making your cleaning tasks resourceful and practical is the key to managing your housecleaning chores efficiently.

Schedule Windows and Window Screens Cleaning Tasks


“Clean your home the right way this holiday season.”

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Wash windows and vacuum window screens a day before hosting overnight stays for the holidays. Your family should normally host holiday overnight stays on a weekly or bi-weekly basis a few weeks before Christmas day arrives. So, cleaning the windows once a week or every two weeks is enough to keep them shiny and bright!

Simple Housecleaning Tasks for Kids


“Let kids help you with house cleaning chores for the holidays.”

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Kids have to put in their share of cleaning your home during the holiday season while they are still young. Washing the dishes after holiday dinners is a simple task your kids can do to help out at home. Giving your kids the foundation of responsibility goes a long way in shaping them as better individuals as they grow older.

Spend a Couple of Hours Cleaning Difficult Rooms at Home


 “Work hard and clean hard for the holidays.”

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To clean the other parts of your home headache-free, spend half a day cleaning difficult rooms first. Spend about three to four hours cleaning the kitchen and living room. Hard to clean and almost invisible dirt lurks within these home areas. Sometimes, you even need to look harder to spot the tiniest mold in your living room! Once you get the most difficult cleaning task out of the way, simpler cleaning tasks should be easy to accomplish before you know it!

Apply the Pomodoro Technique


You may not find cleaning an exciting task to do during the holidays. Combine the Pomodoro technique and your housecleaning basics to relieve yourself of the boredom while cleaning before and after the holiday events take place at home. Work the Pomodoro way in increments of 25 minutes and take breaks every 5 minutes. This should rejuvenate you while you pick up after your home during the holiday season.


Not to worry about the challenge of managing the cleanliness of your new home. Clean your new condo the right way when you move in to it during the holidays. Keep these practical holiday housecleaning tips in mind and you’ll never go wrong. For tips in getting the right condo for you, do not hesitate to contact Best New Condo. They have all the various list of new condo launches that will fit your needs. Visit them at or at



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