Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL)

Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL): To complete by 2024

The Land Transport Authority made a public annoucement on Fri Auguest 15, 2014 that the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) which is Singapore’s 6th MRT rail line will be completed by 2024 and be fully operational.

TEL_East Coast Line

Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL): 43km long with 31 stations

The Eastern Region Line which had been announced previously will link the Thomson Line to form one uninterrupted line.  In total, this single Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will be about 43 kilometres long forming a total of 31 stations. Of these, 7 of them will be MRT interchanges.

Lui Tuck Yew, Transport Minister said during his visit to the soon-to-be-ready Marina South Pier Station on Friday that the TEL will be able to cater to approximately 500,000 passengers on a daily basis when it is in full operation in 2024. The number of commuters could very well increase to 1 million daily in the long run.

Connectivity from North to East

The TEL will allow passengers in the north to connect easily to the east of Singapore. This connectivity will start from Woodlands and move all the way south to the Central Business District before taking a turn to the east at Gardens by the Bay MRT station. This route will then continue underground along the East Coast stretch. This connectivity makes travelling from the north to the east a piece of cake.

East Coast stretch: 9 stations

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) announced publicly that the East Coast stretch consists of 9 stations, one of which is an interchange that will link to the Downtonwn Line 3 Extension (DTL3e). The names of the 9 stations have been revealed and they are Tanjong Rhu, Katong Park, Amber, Marine Parade, Marine Terrace, Siglap, Bayshore, Bedok South and Sungei Bedok.

This DTL3e comprises 2 stations that stretches over 2.2km and it aims to make travelling to Changi Business Park and the Expo areas more accessible.

Apartments in the east are set to benefit greatly from this new TEL and they are The Line @ Tanjong Rhu where Tanjong Rhu MRT station will be, 8M Residences where Katong Park MRT station will be, Amber Skye where Amber MRT station will be, Marine Blue where Marine Parade MRT station will be and Uber 388 where Bayshore MRT station will be, just to name a few.

East Coast stretch: 7 of the 9 stations to be completed by 2023

Of the nine stations along the East Coast stretch, seven of them, from Tanjong Rhu to Bayshore, will be operational by 2023. The rest of the line including the DTL3e will be ready and operational a year later in 2024. This news comes sweet and musical to the ears of the East Coast residents who can finally look forward to gaining advantage and convenience from the rail line which they have never had the chance to enjoy before this.

Several firsts for Singapore’s rail network

By 2024, a sparkling new 36 hectares “world’s first four-in-one train and bus depot” will be built on a new 36-hectare depot. A total of 220 MRT trains for the East West Line, TEL and DTL and 550 buses will be housed within this new structure from 2024. The advantage of combining the train and bus depots will help us save 44 hectares of land which is roughly equivalent to 60 football fields.

Singapore’s 1st underground bicycle parks will also be built by LTA at MRT stations. These bicycle parks will be located at 4 of the stations along the East Coast length of the TEL, namely Marine Parade, Marine Terrace, Bayshore and Sungei Bedok MRT stations. These bicycle parks will encourage residents in the surrounding vicinity to cycle to the MRT stations which will in turn reduce traffic and promote healthy living as they get to exercise at least twice a day riding to and fro the stations.

In order to build the East Coast Line, the Singapore government has to acquire 6 land properties along Amber Road and 1 three-storey walk-up apartment along Tanjong Katong Road, in addition to 9 partial lots somewhere else. The properties affected by the land acquisition were gazetted by the LTA on Friday, 15 Aug 2014.

Many Time-Saving Trips

With the implementation and completion of the TEL, a trip from East Coast (East) to Orchard (South) MRT station will save one 30 minutes ie. From 75 minutes to 45 minutes.

If one travels from Woodlands (North) to Marine Parade (East), time will be cut down by 20 minutes as against taking the current bus ride.

TEL Time Saving Trips

In addition, most stations along the TEL will get long underpasses of up to 400m long. This is particularly good and safe for the elderly and children.

East Coast stretch and the exact locations of the nine stations

TEL_TE23 Tanjong Rhu Station TEL_TE24 Katong Park Station TEL_TE25 Amber Station TEL_TE26 Marine Parade Station TEL_TE26 Underground Bicycle Parking TEL_TE27 Marine Terrace Station TEL_TE28 Siglap Station TEL_TE29 Bayshore Station TEL_TE30 Bedok South Station TEL_TE31:DT37 Sungei Bedok Station DTL3_Xilin and Expo TEL_DT36 Xilin Station

(Adapted from Straits Times 15 Aug 2014)

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