“Sims Urban Oasis- a place where the athletes, fitness and techie gurus can call home.”

A future home is in store for the fit and fab people in Singapore’s Sims Drive. People who just can’t get enough of technology and multimedia will have a place to belong in a Sims Drive’s forthcoming residential property, as well.

If you belong to these group of people, Sims Urban Oasis is going to be the home that’ll complete you by 2018. A life in which health and fitness are given utmost priority starts at the very premises of Sims Urban Oasis. What’s more, this ultra-21st century residential property won’t let itself get left behind in the forefront of technology and multimedia eras, either.

Amenities within the Urban Oasis Premises to Keep You Fit

Fitness Centre

Urban Oasis lets you care for your health the right way, every day, without exerting early preparations before doing so. You don’t need to look anywhere else to satisfy the fitness fanatic in you once you become an Urban Oasis resident. The property’s fitness centre will just be a few floors away from your condo in Urban Oasis. The fitness centre in Urban Oasis will be completely furnished with state-of-the-art gym equipment such as treadmill, exercise bike and exercise bench, among others.

A Swimming Pool that’ll accommodate a Water Sport Adventure

Engage in simple and fun water fitness exercise sessions with family and friends during your free time in the in-house swimming pool in Urban Oasis. Do your part in making your kids happy and delightful every day, as you play around with them in the property’s pool.

Challenge the Gamer in You at Urban Oasis

Challenge the gamer in you at Urban Oasis at the property’s chess set play area. Invite your significant other, friends or even your own kids to challenge your talent with a friendly game of chess, if they’re up to doing it!

Your Urban Oasis Condo Easily Accommodates Multimedia Appliances

The brand new and updated interior furnishings within your Urban Oasis condo will easily accommodate new multimedia appliances as they come along. HD TV, Play Station and X Box consoles are going to instantly operate compatibly with these furnishings, trouble-free.

Facilities Surrounding Urban Oasis Neighborhood

Singapore Sports Hub


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“Your favourite games are going to come right at you live, at Singapore Sports Hub.”

Be one of those fans who get to cheer your favourite teams to the winning rounds. As an Urban Oasis sports fanatic resident, you get the privilege of watching your favourite games live at the property’s neighbouring Singapore Sports Hub.

Sims Place Bus Terminal and Aljunied MRT Station


“Take your bus rides on time at Sims Place Bus Terminal.”

Instead of driving along the city’s roads, walk over to Oasis’ neighbouring Sims Place Bus Terminal or Aljunied MRT station to catch your daily rides. You’ll see that walking will do your health a lot of good as you get doses of physical exercise every day.

Parkway Parade Mall at Nearby Marine Parade Road


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       “Parkway Parade Mall is home to the best gadget stores in the city.”

Sims Drive’s neighbouring Marine Parade Road is home to techie stores at Parkway Parade Mall. If you’re a future Urban Oasis resident that just can’t get enough of owning the latest gadgets, 3 Mobile Telecom, Hello Singtel, Planet Telecoms, and Star Hub Retail Stores got it all for you, satisfaction guaranteed. You can find these stores easily inside the Parkway Parade Mall.

Live it to believe it. Entice yourself and your entire family with these amenities and facilities once you start a new life at Sims Urban Oasis.



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